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NO "____" Magnet (NO "____" Phrase Magnet Round 2"-5")

Complete the classic phrase and make a bold statement!

What DON'T you love? WORK? TAXES? NOISE? LIMA BEANS? Bills? Dummies? Rain? Perfect to clarify your opinion on activities, people, places and things! Several size options are available from a Small (2") round fridge magnet size to a Jumbo (5") round bumper sticker size.

Super durable, waterproof and 1mm thick, this custom magnet is suitable for home (refrigerator), office (desk) or light outdoor (vehicle) usage. Keep in mind that the length of your supplied word will have an effect on the overall size of the word (longer words will be scaled to fit properly).

Use the optional 2nd line for stacked phrases like "GLOBAL WARMING" or "Dumb Questions".

word: (optional) 

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Price: $4.95


Warning: Your words are "Case-Sensitive" and we do not correct spelling. We reserve the right to refuse any order that we consider to be inappropriate. See Legal Terms & Conditions for more details.